Snap Studio Ultimate Portable Vocal Booth

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Brand: Snap Studio

Color: Black


  • #1 Recommended Portable Vocal Booth — Featured by Rolling Stone Magazine as the “best portable vocal booth”, Snap Studio’s pioneering 360 booth is the ultimate pop up voice box for singers, podcast, voiceover and rap artists who demand premium studio-quality sound. Record clear, professional vocals from the comfort of your home, without breaking the bank.
  • #1 For Sound Quality — Snap Studio uses the highest quality Pro Sound insulation blankets – up to 75% heavier than the competition – efficiently absorbing reverb, leaving vocals dry and clear. Hear the difference instantly and sing goodbye to poor acoustics and boxy vocals associated with cheap 180 degree vocal shields.
  • The Ultimate Recording Kit — Jam packed with pro features! High-quality “reverb killer” sound-absorbing blankets can also hang on walls when booth is not in use. The result? A noise-blocking cocoon that reduces sound reflections significantly and performs better than messy acoustic foam. Also includes: wireless led lighting, a versatile phone/tablet holder, lightweight frame, and storage bag for that true studio set up.
  • Record Crisp Vocals Anywhere — This portable sound booth gives you the luxury of having pristine speech-recording conditions at any time and place. The lightweight frame and diamond-stitched duffel bag makes for easy transportation and heavy-duty protection on the road.
  • Fast & Easy to Assemble — Inspiration can strike 24/7, at home or on the go. With Snap Studio, you’re always covered. Just pop up the sound isolation booth & press REC! Roomy enough to accommodate singers up to 6’8″ tall, and still provide enough room inside, (5.5 square feet) to be comfortable.

Package Dimensions: 356x1016x19074

Details: 🎤 Are you looking to capture superlative “dry” vocals in a tight space AND on budget? Snap Studio is THE portable room within a room boasting fantastic reverb-reduction, yielding similar benefits to professional studios without costing a fortune. The end of poorly recorded vocals could start here. 🏆 Invented by a Grammy-Nominated Producer 🏆 Nothing kills recordings like poor audio quality. Like many home-studio artists, the creator of Snap Studio Vocal Booth Stand wanted a hassle-free way of turning any room into an acoustically dampened studio space, quick and on a budget, so he invented the convenient Snap Studio mobile vocal booth! 🎶 Cutting Down the Background Noise 🎶 Well engineered by sound aficionados, the reverb-removing qualities of our acoustic pads (0.8 NRC rating) surpass that of many vocal-shield stands on the market. Period. Snap Studio insulates unwanted sound waves that ”pollute” recordings by absorbing and dissipating them for a clearer sonic environment. ⚙️ Easy To Set Up And Use ⚙️ The sturdy yet lightweight frame construction makes it fairly quick and easy to assemble or disassemble, fully tool free. Just follow the step-by-step instructions. Now suppress ambient noises and shield broadcasts from any room’s natural acoustics at your own pace! Snap Studio is an excellent solution for small-studio recording. 🎁 Hair-Raising Sound Quality + ACCESSORIES 🎁 Whether you’re at home or touring the world, never let the reverb of acoustically untreated rooms keep you from recording mind-blowing audio quality. For Pack ‘N’ Go convenience, we include LED SWITCH LIGHT, PHONE/TABLET HOLDER, AND a DUFFEL BAG! Make spine-tingling music wherever and whenever you are inspired!

UPC: 850011032138


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